E-712 数字式压电控制器


E-712 数字式压电控制器
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  • 最新一代数字控制器:操作速率为600兆赫兹
  • 伺服更新率高达50千赫兹
  • 高度稳定的20位数模转换器
  • 实时操作系统可实现极好的轨迹控制
  • 模块化设计可以最大的灵活性满足客制化要求
  • 将校准数据从平台ID芯片上自动载入,实现控制器和机械部件的互换性
  • 灵活的接口:以太网、USB、RS-232
  • 可选配高带宽模拟输入和输出
  • 广泛软件支持

Digital linearization for the highest accuracy

Linearization algorithms based on higher-order polynomials reduce the linearity error to less than 0.01 %. That is typically 10 times better than conventional controllers.

Fast periodic motion and data recording

During fast periodic motion, such as that typical for scanning applications, it is possible to increase the tracking accuracy by up to a factor of three using Dynamic Digital Linearization (DDL). The integrated wave generator can save and output periodic motion profiles. Preconfigured sine and triangle wave profiles are provided to support the user when defining the curve, but any user-defined waveforms are possible. Flexible configuration of the data recorder allows recording of the corresponding data.

Flexible analog inputs and real-time PIO

Each of the four optionally available analog inputs can be configured in two ways. As control input, the voltage applied is linked to one of the axes, e.g., for target values. Configuration as external sensor input allows reading of additional sensor signals, e.g., for autofocusing. Alternatively, the system can be equipped with a fast 32-bit PIO (parallel I/O) for commanding. The PIO supports a restricted command set with 100,000 read and write commands per second required for motion.

Easy system connection

All parameters can be set and checked via software. Easy startup and system configuration can be done via the PIMikroMove utility program, which is in the scope of delivery. Connection to the customer's software is possible via LabView drivers and DLLs. System programming is identical for all PI controllers – combined control of a variety of different controllers is therefore possible without any problems.

Modular system design

PI offers preconfigured systems for 3- and 6-axis operation. Moreover, customers can put systems together exactly as required. For this purpose, various types of housings and modules as well as additional accessories are available:

  • E-712.R1, E-712.R3: 9.5" / 19" chassis for piezo voltages to 135 V, 3 to 6 axes
  • E-712.R2, E-712.R4: 19" / 9.5" chassis for piezo voltages to ±250 V, 3 to 6 axes
  • E-712.R5: Universal housing 19" 4 HE with CPCI bus
  • E-712.M1, E-712.N1: Digital processor and interface modules, TCP/IP, USB, RS-232 interface
  • E-711.AL4P, E-711.AL41: High-power amplifier modules, 4 channels, 8 W, -30 V to +135 V
  • E-711.AM4, E-711.AM5, E-711.AM6: Amplifier modules for NEXLINE®, -250 to +250 V
  • E-711.AM5A, E-711.AM5B: Amplifier modules for NEXLINE®, -250 V to +250 V, for drives with sensor
  • E-711.AN4, E-711.AN40: Amplifier modules for NEXACT®
  • E-711.C82: DC motor driver module, 2 axes
  • E-711.SA3, E-711.SA6: Modules for incremental sensors
  • E-711.SS3: Module for strain gauge sensors
  • E-711.SC3H, E-711.SE3: Modules for capacitive sensors
  • E-711.0CT, E-711.0CT0, E-711.0ET, E-711.0ET0: Digital sensor signal transmission, capacitive sensors
  • E-711.0ATS: Sensor box for digital sensor signal transmission, for sensors with BiSS interface
  • E-711.IA4: Analog interface module, 4 inputs and outputs
  • E-711.IP: PIO interface module for fast data exchange
  • E-711.iS3, E-711.iS6: SPI interface modules
  • E-711.SAP, E-711.SAH, E-711.SAN: Sensor signal distributors for incremental sensors
  • E-711.SAX, E-711.SAX1, E-711.SAX2, E-711.SAX5: Cables between digital piezo controller and sensor signal distributor




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